Noemi “Emi” Juleanna Reay

Good things come to those that wait - except in this case. Emi was due November 11th, but decided that she wanted to come 18 days early. Around 5 o’clock the morning of October 25th, Jordyn’s water broke. We prepared our things, had a light breakfast, and drove to the hospital. We arrived in Kirkland, WA near 9 am and were admitted into the Family Maternity Center at EvergreenHealth Medical Center. After 14 hours of walking around the 2nd floor near our room, gentle bouncing on an exercise ball, and rolling around in the bed while holding peanut-shaped saddle ball between her legs, Jordyn began to progress into active labor. Once active labor began, Jordyn felt immense pressure and pain. The attending nurse had her begin pushing at 7:54 pm. Things progressed very quickly from there. At 8:04 pm, just 10 minutes later, Emi began crowning. And at 8:07 pm, only another 3 minutes later, Emi arrived with lungs properly functioning. The doctor and nurse brought Emi straight up to Jordyn’s chest where we spent the next hour enjoying her blissful arrival.

Ahead of Emi’s birth, we learned that she would be a girl. We spent a great deal of time contemplating her name. We both knew that we wanted to somehow incorporate more family into her name, but we weren’t sure how. Eventually, we decided that we would use a family name from Jordyn’s Argentine lineage. Noemi (pronounced noh-eh-m-ee; listen to it here) is the given name of Jordyn’s maternal grandmother and the middle name of her mother. As soon as we knew we were having a girl, we knew that we wanted to pay homage to Sean’s sister-in-law, Leah, who was taken from us far too soon. We decided that Noemi’s middle name should also include the names of the other prominent women in our immediate families. Juleanna was the end result. “J” is for her mother, Jordyn; “Jul” is for her paternal grandmother, Julie; “lea” is for her aunt, Leah; “anna” is for her maternal grandmother, Adriana. We credit the original idea of this name to Jordyn’s mother, Adriana, and the spelling to Sean’s grandmother, Nana.

And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.
— Isaiah 54: 13